Toplu Konut Projeleriİç Mekânlarının Sürdürülebilirlik ve Kalite Değerlendirmesi: Örnek Çalışma Reisdere Projesi

  • Havva Demirpolat SELÇUK ÜNİVERSİTESİ


Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to assess the housing situation in the world and in Turkey in terms of sustainability. It has been studied mass housing in the world and Turkey and seen that different ethics are formed over time. It has been observed that the buildings constructed with the motto of cheap housing to meet the need for housing, but it cannot respond to the architectural and social needs over time. Recently, TOKİ works to create awareness about sustainable architecture in Turkey, for this purpose organized a competition: 7 Climate, 7 Region. In this study the award-winning projects in the competition was analyzed in terms of the concept of sustainability in housing. The first sustainable application of TOKİ The Reisdere Project is considered together with the interior features as a case study. The approach to the process the extent to which it can be implemented with the state contribution, its effects, step and its consequences are explained. The necessary findings were interpreted at the point of sustainable housing understanding by analyzing the complaints received.