• Mustafa M. A. Mohamed
  • Hatem A. M. Darabee
  • Emrah Soykan
Keywords: Medical education, Human-computer interaction, Technology, health professionals, Clients/ patients, Medical schools


Background: As a pivotal and critical constituent of medical education, notable human-computer interaction (HCI) conduct emphasizes attention for building a domain in which each and every employee develops and excels. HCI, as is always an essential partner in medical field, is here understood as the central idea or the thematic statement of the study.

Aim: The aim is to summarize the analysis of the selected sample into a compound article that move within the circle of human-computer interaction in medical education.

Sample: The study was conducted as a review of 55 articles selected from refined 250 ones, within the concept of technology in medicine in a period of 3 years (2016-2019).

Design and methods: descriptive approach is used through an evaluative analysis, where literature review is considered as a tool for data collection.

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Mohamed, M. M. A., Darabee, H. A. M., & Soykan, E. (2021). HUMAN-COMPUTER INTERACTION IN MEDICAL EDUCATION. Near East University Online Journal of Education, 4(1), 23-38.