Distributed Mobile Cloud Computing Services Using Blockchain Technology


  • Ramiz Salama
  • Sinem Alturjman
  • Chadi Altrjman
  • Fadi Al-Turjman


Two emerging technologies that could alter how we use mobile devices and cloud services are distributed mobile cloud computing and blockchain technology. Several mobile devices are used by distributed mobile cloud computing services to create a virtual cloud computing architecture. By using this technique, users can leverage the processing power and storage of the devices to do computationally intensive tasks like machine learning and data analytics. By pooling resources across multiple devices, distributed mobile cloud computing services provide a scalable and cost-effective solution for individuals and businesses alike. Conversely, blockchain technology is a distributed ledger system that eliminates the need for middlemen and makes transactions safe, transparent, and verifiable. In general, distributed mobile cloud computing and blockchain technology open up new avenues for mobile computing services and clear the way for a safer, more efficient, and more cooperative mobile environment. Distributed mobile cloud computing (DMCC) and blockchain technology are two rapidly emerging technologies that are transforming the way we store, process, and manage data. The utilization of mobile devices' processing capacity for complex calculations is made possible by DMCC, which disperses computing resources across a network of devices. Blockchain technology, on the other hand, enables safe, decentralized, and unchangeable record-keeping that may be applied in a range of scenarios. Combining DMCC with Blockchain Technology has many benefits, such as increased privacy, security, and scalability. Smart contracts built on blockchain technology can facilitate trustless transactions and automate complex processes. Tokenization, which permits the creation of digital assets and direct value transfers across international borders, is another crucial element of blockchain technology. When implementing DMCC and blockchain solutions, a few of the problems that must be fixed are interoperability, consensus procedures, and digital identity. Nonetheless, there is a great deal of promise for blockchain technology and distributed mobile cloud computing services to completely transform industries like supply chain management, healthcare, and banking. We look at the key features, potential applications, challenges, and prospects related to DMCC and blockchain technology in this post.




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