The relationship between Education area, Architecture and Environment


  • Engin Baysen



Human needs to be protected from nature and shelter in natural space conditions. Therefore, people need an environment to sustain their lives. Environment; It is divided into two as natural and artificial. The natural environment is the environment in which people and other creatures maintain their relationships and interact with each other. What is done by people who do not form spontaneously is called Artificial Environment. An art branch that designs civil structures to meet people's housing needs is called architecture. But not every design is architecture. In order for a building to be accepted as an architectural product, it is essential to apply the mathematical symmetry called golden ratio throughout the building. The aim of this research is to find the effects of environmental arrangements on the aesthetic, emotional and behavioral outputs of individuals in educational spaces. The importance of this aim is to find the relationship between environment, architecture and education. As a result of the survey conducted in the findings, which locations are liked most are presented in the data analysis. The questionnaire was asked 5 different photographs of the participants in 3 different question titles. As a result of the percentages taken, the participants mostly chose places that are intertwined with nature.

Keywords: Education, environment, architecture, nature.



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Baysen, E. (2022). The relationship between Education area, Architecture and Environment. Near East University Online Journal of Education, 5(1), 62–73.