Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect with Parent Training


  • Josephine Yanyan Cooper Department of Education
  • Yağmur Çerkez Near East University


Preventing Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Effectiveness of Parent training, Children’s Laws and Policies


The purpose of this research is to examine with reference to bibliometric analysis, the studies that were carried out on preventing child abuse and neglect with parent training. A review of the previous relevant research can be seen here as an example. The current analysis looked into 50 out of 372 different papers that met the inclusion criterion, while 322 were excluded based on the lack of relevance, year of publication, countries, keywords, and research designs gathered from two scientific research databases, Scopus and Web of Science between 2012 to 2022. The mixed method approach was used and data was analysed by using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). According to the findings, it was determined that 2022 had the highest publications n=10 (20%), while 2014 had the lowest, n=2 (4%); Canada, n=7 (14.0%) whiles Indonesia and Italy were the lowest, n=1 (2.0%); more studies were done in Domestic Violence, n=18 (36,0%), with n=9 (11.0%) in Effectiveness of Parent Training Programs; lastly, quantitative research design had the most studies, n=26 (52.0%) with qualitative at the lowest n=10 (20.0%).




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