Vernacular or Modern; It’s All about Choosing Right Applications for Environmentally Friendly Architecture


  • Noyan Ulusoy Girne Üniversitesi Mimarlık Fakültesi
  • Havva Arslangazi Uzunahmet


Vernacular architecture, Modern architecture, Sustainable architecture, Historical texture


Low-tech methods of vernacular architecture were regarded as backward and have been ignored by architects of modern architecture and were replaced by inappropriate architectural values. In regard to hot dry climate of Lefkoşa; the aim of this study is to demonstrate the possibilities for low energy consumption and to point out the ways of combining vernacular strategies and emerging modern technologies.

In this qualitative study; four case studies, built in different periods of XXth and  XXIst centuries were examined. Two mass houses and two modern houses in Lefkoşa (from 1925 to 2020 periods) were selected and examined from the viewpoint of architectural elements. These houses were compared for their materials and facade characteristics and questioned if importance to vernacular strategies were given to these buildings in the construction.

The results pointed out that only light building color was used in all cases as vernacular strategy and importance to shading was neglected only in the modern building from the 2000-2020 period. Except the modern building from the 2000-2020 period, the other houses were oriented in the North-south direction. Reinforced concrete was used in three cases, except the Samanbahçe mass houses where 50 cm thick adobe was used in the walls. Extension of the roof was provided only in Efruz houses.

This study explores past and present building concepts of different periods from the XXth and XXIst centuries, to demonstrate the possibilities for low energy consumption and to point out the importance of vernacular strategies in hot dry climate of Lefkoşa.

The study contributes to show which strategies and materials of vernacular architecture can be useful and adapted to contemporary architecture in developing an environmentally friendly living environment in Lefkoşa.