“Sasalı Biolab Project” on the Axis of Sustainable Development


  • Nilay Özcan Uslu İzmir Kavram Meslek Yüksekokulu


Sasalı Biolab, sustainable development, sustainability, public space.


The purpose of the study is to investigate Sasalı Institute of Environment-Sensitive Agriculture Training and Research (Sasalı Biolab), which is controlled by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality as a local administiration in the context of the sustainable development. Accordingly the target is to reveal the design process and spacial setup of the structure through an interpretation of the observational data and manifest an assesment regarding its relationship with sustainability.

 The point of origin of the Sasalı Biolab Project, which is supported by the EU Horizon 2020 Programme, base upon a year-2080 projection which foresee a drought scenario for İzmir and corrrespondingly a decrease in soil quality and problems in agricultural activities. The project with an attention drawing intellectual infrustructure, features not only agricultural applications as soilless agriculture, normal and smart-soil practices but also it has the potential of becoming a pioneer in Turkey as an experimental public space inwhich above mentioned techniques are visually displayed before the user. Sasalı Biolab, a product of an experimental study, is an urban space open to all individuals (women, men, children, young, old, disabled etc.) of the city, taking part in modern daily life with its educational aspect and today's production technologies is the transformation into an object are the main reasons for being the subject of the study.

In this context, Sasalı Biolab is a design product that should be read in the context of architectural discourse and practice, as it is an urban texture object that includes a future vision together with today's building design and production technologies in its infrastructure.