Evaluation of Environmental Challenges of Jordan


  • Alis Saad Shbaita Interior Architecture
  • Salih Gücel


Rapid population growth and urbanization and the country's economic crisis and industrialization are significant contributors to natural resource depletion and the worsening of environmental problems. Jordan's environmental issues show on a local, regional, and global scale. The majority of our country's ecological issues today discuss in this study and the institutional organization and political response that the Jordanian government has attempted to address.

The methods used through this process included examining all aspects of the problems set out, examining the current environmental issues within the context of regulations in Jordan, the principles of ecological awareness, literature survey, and analyses were conducted to satisfy the population's need to achieve environmental sustainability and taking into account the importance and effectiveness of regional strategies in preserving and sustaining natural resources.

Pollution or loss of natural resources have significant implications for Jordan; Environmental protection is a humanitarian responsibility because it is the basis of our livelihood, development, and survival.  As a result, it will become part of the citizens' culture, with state and private institutions promoting their importance in their lives.