Evaluation process

Academic studies submitted for the International Journal of Social Sciences and Art Studies are primarily pre-evaluated by the editorial board in terms of compliance with the aim and scope of the journal. The studies deemed convenient are transferred to the field editor and sent to the double referee to be determined in accordance with the relevant field for evaluation. The double-blind peer review application is valid and the information of the academic study owners cannot be seen by the referee. Referees are given 21 days to complete their review for formality and originality.

As a result of the reports from the referees have to choose one of the following options;

  1. Accept the application (no editing needed),
  2. Minor editing required (Author will be accepted if he/she makes the minor corrections specified),
  3. Major editing required (Author will be accepted if he/she makes the important corrections indicated),
  4. Reject the application (if the article is below the required standards).

In case the result is “accept the application” or  “reject the application”, the article is sent to a third referee to be examined for formality and originality.

Then, all evaluations on the subject are sent to the author. If the language or writing style is substandard, a stylistic change may be requested. The final decision regarding the publication of the studies is made by the editorial board.

Authors are advised to download and review all evaluation forms (form and content pre-evaluation, field editor and referee forms) provided by the journal to guide them while writing their article proposals.