Aim and Scope

International Journal of Social Sciences and Art Studies, in general, is open to all branches of social sciences, however,  in particular, it focuses on communication and the relations of art with other disciplines.

Despite the historical production and consumption paradox, it focuses on all theoretical and empirical studies that focus on changing and transforming socio-economic and cultural structures. Particularly, it aims to increase the contribution of new orientations in the fields of communication, art, culture and education and carry out cooperation between disciplines focusing on science and social benefit as their main target.

The journal, which aims to make sense of the old and synthesize the changing world within the social sciences, brings all social science disciplines to the center of attention, especially archeology, art history, language, museology, and all branches of art.

It aims to support academic studies covering all branches of science, especially for the personal and social development of disadvantaged individuals, as well as establishing the relationship of these fields with communication, theoretical new approaches and technological changes in the field of communication, sectoral structures shaped by consumption habits, changes and transformations in communication education related to higher education. The journal also attaches great importance to health communication, which includes work peace and patient rights in the field of health, which is of social importance, as it is another area that needs to be developed academically.

Studies focusing on language, which is considered to be the most fundamental element of communication, and academic studies of disciplines in this field are also valued provided that scientific criteria are fulfilled at a high level.

Aiming to support the inclusion of high-level academic studies in all the aforementioned disciplines in scientific life, the journal accepts and publishes articles free of charge in order to support young academics.