The Future Cities that Were Shaped by Visual Culture of 1980’s SCI-FI Movies



Architecture, 3D graphics, Futurism, Sci- Fi, Cinema


At the turn of the 20th century modernism was it’s own way. Futurism has its manifesto by expressing of the celebration of the new era. It was underlining the fact that new era should destroy all previous ties of traditionalism and one should turn its head to the developments of industrial revolution. Architecture created its own dynamics by examining the tradition, later combining it with revolution and at the end creating the vocabulary of its own language. As Pioneer architect Le Corbusier illustrated the appearance of feature cities in his sketches some other new art forms were on its way. Meanwhile; cinema as the new art form, visualised and rather prophecisied future cities as architects of the new world foreseen the facts of the future appearance of the cities. The aim of this paper is to investigate the effects of the cinema industry of 1980’s on future cities and the reflections of three dimensional graphics on architectural facades of the future cities by examining the movie based sci-fi hallucinations that come to be true in today’s cities.