Ergonomic Analysis of Corporate and Non-Corporate Hypermarkets



Ergonomics, Hypermarket, Anthropometry, Sales Units


Ergonomics is an interdisciplinary field of study that aims to make people's lives easier and improve their quality
of life. Ergonomics is one of the main issues in the design of spaces that are directly related to people. It is important
that the space designed in ergonomic design is suitable for the potential user. Hypermarkets, which are frequently
used in daily life and have users from all segments of society, are also one of the places that should be accessible
by providing ergonomic design conditions. Taking advantage of ergonomics in hypermarkets is important both in
terms of increasing customer satisfaction and increasing the efficiency of the business. The study started from here
is important in terms of improving the hypermarkets serving today and ensuring the compliance of the
hypermarkets that are planned to be designed in the future with ergonomic measures. Within the scope of the
research, literature review, on-site examination and photographing techniques were used. Two hypermarkets, one
corporate and the other non-corporate, in Diyarbakır Şanlıurfa Boulevard were selected as the study area. In
hypermarkets, the criteria to be considered ergonomically when designing space organization and reinforcement
elements are mentioned. The data obtained from the differences between the necessary criteria and the two existing
applications were analyzed by tabulating. Suggestions have been made about the hypermarkets to be designed
from now on.