Leisure Time Activities And Interior Design İn Primary Education Building



Leisure time activities, break time, classroom design, primary school


Educational environments stand out as place where the child spends time, chat, plays and socializes, as well as
being places where academic knowledge is given to the child. The classroom, which is a part of whole, is at the
center of whole, both as a place where course activities are carried out and free time is spent during breaks. In this
study,it is aimed to determine the leisure time behaviors of children in the educational environment, to determine
what the students want to do during breaks and what kind of class they imagine. The study was carried out with
154 students from 3rd and 4th grades studying in primary schools. The data were collected with the interview form
developed by the researchers. The obtained data were subjected to content analysis. As a result of the analyzes
made, it was concluded that the students mostly exhibited the behaviors of playing game, resting, chatting, reading
books and painting in the classroom and that they had activity corners that allow different activities in the
classroom and that they sougt the comfort of a home enviroment in their classroom.