Views of English Teachers on School Administration and Supervision Issues: TRNC EXAMPLE

  • Mehmet Güneyli Milli Eğitim ve Kültür Bakanlığı
  • Nazım Kaşot Turizm ve Çevre Bakanlığı
Keywords: Supervision, English language teaching, English teachers, Cyprus.


The subject of this study is to consider and evaluate English language teaching in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in general. The evaluation was carried out by describing the opinions of English teachers about supervision and inspectors. Therefore, it was aimed to search and evaluate English language teaching on the basis of supervision issues. The problem sentence of the research was determined as "What are the opinions of English teachers working in the TRNC on supervision issues?" This thesis is based on qualitative research approach. The case study model was used in the study. The participants of the study were selected on the basis of two types of purposeful sampling, maximum diversity and convenient sampling. Accordingly, the participants of the researcher are 23 English teachers working at Ministry of Education’s secondary education level in 6 districts of  the TRNC. In the research, semi-structured interview form was used as the data collection tool and the data were analysed by content analysis. The most important result of this study is that English teachers' views on supervision are clearly negative. Among the negative opinions, the lack of supervision at all, the problems arising from the inspector's competence, the supervision only during the candidacy period and the perception that supervision is a bad thing shows how negative the situation in the TRNC is. It was also found that the inspectors mostly observe the professional skills of English teachers.