A Political Economic Perspective To The Problem Of Alienation And Identity In Modern Discipline Society In The Context Of Habermas's Concept Of The Bourious Public Space

  • Çağlayan Dursun Yakın Doğu Üniversitesi


In the historical process, the concepts of Public Space-Private Space, which go back to the Ancient Greek period, pave the way for new discussions with digitalization. Psychoanalysis studies, which constitute the essence of the changes in the nature of the human being living as a cultural entity in the process of structural transformation of the public sphere, make it easier for us to understand how the individual creates himself in an ontological context. The individual, who is alienated from his own nature and labor in the context of production relations, also faces identity crisis in modern times. Therefore, today, when the digital age gains momentum, the individual establishes himself in virtual arenas that cause new discussions.

Philosophy of Art and Sociology