Turkish Cypriot Tale, tale analysis, aesthetics, , culture, aesthetics form.


Tales are emphasized as cultural carriers and cultural elements in the studies. All fairy tales have an
aesthetic structure that occurs spontaneously in their internal structure. The aim of the study is to try
to reveal the relationship between literature and aesthetics and the change of aesthetic perception in
fairy tales. Defining aesthetic values and literary text aesthetic features and in this direction, which
aesthetic values should be taken into account when reading and telling a fairy tale? The aim is to focus
on the relationship between aesthetics and fairy tales by looking for the answer to the question. By examining
different approaches to aesthetic values, it will be revealed through compilations from which
perspectives the fairy tale should be viewed. It has been tried to ensure that a literary text overlaps with
the aesthetic values, the beautiful and the good. As a method, After the relationship between art and
aesthetics was explained, art and aesthetics were explained separately, working on aesthetic values and
practice gained weight. The definitions of art, aesthetics and aesthetic values from the past to the present
have been emphasized and their relationship with the tale has been examined. The basic concepts of
aesthetics were evaluated through fairy tales.
With a subjective approach to aesthetics, it has been emphasized how the feeling of pleasure from a
work of art or a natural landscape is reflected in the fairy tale and the people in the fairy tale. Evaluating
and enjoying a work of art is unique to certain people. In order to do these actions, one must have
a certain amount of knowledge. The basic element of aesthetics is the judgment of liking. This situation
comes to the fore when people read fairy tales just as they watch nature without any practical purpose,
just with a sense of admiration. The child, who is constantly in search, can develop his aesthetic point
of view through literature. Activating the child’s ability to see, hear, feel, dream, think and intuit, look
at the pictures that come to life in the imagination, create new tales by themselves, enable the child to
enter the colorful and dynamic world of the picture with the expression language of the picture. will